Monday, March 06, 2006

The Stem Cell Trial: A View From an Advocate

For a view of the California stem cell trial from the very personal perspective of a Prop. 71 supporter and tireless advocate, take a look at some of the Web postings by Don C. Reed.

We have mentioned Reed previously. He is an amiable fellow and easy to underestimate.

He attends CIRM meetings religiously and was present at each day of the trial last week. Here is a sample from one of his postings about the trial on his web site,
"Describing the Judge herself is difficult, without sounding like I am kissing up.

"But anyone wanting to know how to maintain control while still allowing everyone their dignity, should visit the courtroom of Judge Sabraw.

"Once when an attorney thrust his arm almost violently into the air, so eager to be heard, the Judge smiled and said, “I see that ___________ is champing at the bit.” Her tone was polite, but she immediately softened it anyway, saying, “But I do not wish to make light of it; what would you like to say?”

"Before deciding on any point, even the smallest procedural matter, she would check both sides repeatedly, allowing argument until every slightest nuance was explored.

"Just once a lawyer argued a little bit too long—after her decision had been made.

"She interrupted him.

"'That objection was overruled," she said.

"She spoke ever so softly, and she smiled, but there was just the faintest tinge of frost in the air.

"It was suddenly quiet in the room, and the attorney did not find it necessary to comment any further on the matter."
Reed also wrote about a two-day conference last week at UC Berkeley on stem cell issues that went totally unreported elsewhere, if you are to believe Google searches.

You can see more of Reed's commentary by going to his archives.

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