Friday, June 23, 2006

CIRM's Strategic Plan: A Guide (v1.0) to Planning Documents

Here are links to interesting and fresh documents related to strategic planning by the California stem cell agency. During the months ahead, we will continue this regular alert to significant planning documents as they are posted on the Web.

Cord blood -- "Overview of Current Umbilical Cord Blood Banking, Clinical, and Research Activities" – Document reports a suggestion that a "donor-sibling cord blood banking service" be created for California families and that NIH cord blood funding has declined from $21 million in 2002 to $18.6 million in 2006.

ESC Databanks -- "Overview of Current ESC Databanks" – Covers many efforts worldwide. Topics for CIRM include whether there is "a need for CIRM to provide an information resource on human embryonic stem cell lines" and whether CIRM should "create its own ESC characterization database using a best practices approach."

CIRM mission statement proposals – This 18-page document includes proposals presented to the Oversight Committee as well as ones suggested by committee members. Sample from one committee member: "Set the highest standards for scientific integrity, openness, collaboration and technology transfer."

Previous postings on the California Stem Cell Report related to CIRM planning include: questions being asked, Interviewees and their answers, Hall's discussion questions, planning Web page , report from last fall's scientific conference, formal kickoff/overview , clashing interests. Sphere: Related Content

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