Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fresh Comments

Jonathan Eisen has posted a new comment on the "CHA Example" item below in which he proposes a Journal of Rejected Grant Proposals. We suspect his suggestion is a bit tongue in cheek, but he makes some interesting points. Also new is an anonymous comment on the "Plagiarism, Prayer" item that involves a patent matter and Cha. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Of the procedure on grants given by CIRM, I was wondering "who" has the authority to conduct oversight. Directly, this comes up as to "who" might have been responsible for vetting the Cha proposal. Down the road, "who" would conduct any investigation of alleged research impropriety. In a different research area, this issue is currently looming large. See

    Separately, how much of the CIRM grants are going directly to the conduct of research, and how much are going to overhead of the respective institutions?

  2. Re the question of oversight of grants given by CIRM, it is CIRM itself that has oversight and the agency vets the proposal and monitors its execution. It is unclear who might conduct an investigation of research impropriety beyond CIRM, although the state Department of Justice has wide authority to investigate and prosecute violations of state law. CIRM's research regulations have the force of law.

    We can't tell you the split on overhead vs. actual research, but we learned at the March 15 meeting of the Oversight Committee that comparing size of NIH grants and CIRMs for the same project is not accurate. CIRM grants apparently include funds that are not usually included in the announced figures for equivalent NIH grants.