Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Weekend CIRM Directors' Meeting on Personnel Issues

The Governance Subcommittee of the California stem cell agency this Saturday afternoon will resume its attempts to deal with some unspecified, but obviously important personnel matter.

The unusual, teleconference session has only one item on its closed-door agenda. The meeting follows another weekend meeting on Sunday afternoon Nov. 2. Don Gibbons, chief communications officer for CIRM, said no action was taken by subcommittee of CIRM directors on that date.

A special teleconference meeting of the full CIRM board of directors had been scheduled for the Monday (Nov. 3) following the Sunday Governance session. But the full board meeting was canceled late that Sunday and has not been rescheduled. The board meeting included a personnel session along with a high priority change in quorum rules to alleviate an attendance problem at meetings of the full board.

In response to a question, Gibbons said the Nov. 3 board meeting was canceled because "we determined it had been noticed incorrectly. "

We asked him to elaborate. He replied, "There was an agenda item left off the ICOC(the CIRM board of directors) posting."

It is unusual for CIRM directors to meet on weekends for any matter. Gibbons said the Nov. 2 meeting was calendared for a Sunday because of the busy schedule of its chair, Sherry Lansing, a former Hollywood studio executive who heads a foundation bearing her name. Sphere: Related Content

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