Thursday, November 13, 2008

Klein Lobbying Group Employee Organizing pro-CIRM Turnout for Hoover Inquiry

Patient advocate Don Reed is attempting to drum up a CIRM-sympathetic turnout at next Thursday's Little Hoover Commission hearing into the California stem cell agency.

Writing on his blog, Reed also acknowledged he is on the payroll of the private lobbying group of CIRM Chairman Robert Klein, Americans for Cures. Reed, who is a vice president of the group, said he receives a "small stipend." Reed regularly speaks on issues before the CIRM board of directors during their meetings.

As far as the Hoover Commission inquiry is concerned, Reed said,
"Personally, I am a little worried about making changes in something good. That is like going into the hospital for open heart surgery—when there is nothing wrong with you."
Reed also looked askance at the appearance of John M. Simpson of Consumer Watchdog and Jesse Reynolds of the Center for Genetics and Society as witnesses next week. Reed said,
"...I object to the choice of two critics as representing the entire consumer population of California. It is my understanding both men are paid lobbyists. (There is nothing wrong with that; they could make a similar comment about me.  I work for a group called Americans for Cures Foundation, which supports stem cell research, and receive a small stipend from that organization.) But to choose such vocal critics without a balance is to ignore the 59.2% of California which voted in favor of Proposition 71."
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