Friday, July 31, 2009

CIRM Seeks Help in Search for Csete Replacement

The California stem cell agency wants to hire an executive search firm – its third such arrangement in the last four years – to recruit a successor to Marie Csete to lead the organization's scientific research efforts.

CIRM contracted with a search firm, Spencer Stuart, on two different occasions in the past in an effort to find a president for the $3 billion enterprise. Despite spending about $500,000, the searches never turned up a candidate who would accept the job.

In both cases, the two men who ultimately accepted the presidency surfaced by other means.

CIRM's latest effort calls for a timetable of no more than six months to find a vice president for research and development, a new position at the agency. The post would cover the responsibilities of CIRM chief scientific officer, the title that Csete carried.

Alan Trounson, CIRM president, said the new position is aimed at attracting candidates with more commercial research backgrounds.

The RFP said the salary is likely to be $180,000 to $332,000, although it left the door open to going higher. CIRM asked search firms to provide advice on salary levels based on “industry trends and best practices.”

The CIRM board has yet to approve creation of the new vice presidency although the RFP was posted 11 days ago. Bids from search firms must be in by Monday. The board takes up consideration of the new post on Thursday.

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