Monday, July 18, 2011

CIRM's Trounson and Australian Visiting Professorship

An Australian nanomedicine center announced this spring that CIRM President Alan Trounson would be spending all of July 2012 as a visiting professor; however, that arrangement appears to be less than certain.

We queried CIRM about the announcement, asking how much Trounson, who earns $490,000 as president of the stem cell agency, would be paid as a visiting professor in Australia, the source of the compensation and whether the compensation was vetted for possible conflicts of interest.

About a week ago, Don Gibbons, the agency's chief communications officer, replied,
"Whether this happens is still under discussion, but if it does it is most likely one or two weeks, and would focus on nanotechnology and how it might impact the stem cell field, and what we should be doing about it in California."
The announcement from the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine came as a surprise to some members of the CIRM board late in June. The center is part of the University of New South Wales and was formed in April 2010. Trounson, who emigrated from Australia to take the CIRM post, would be the second visiting professor in the program. 

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