Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Scientist's Comment: Deal Directly with FDA Rather Criticizing It in the Media

The following comment on FDA regulation of stem cell research was submitted via email by a longtime scientist in the field, who asked to remain anonymous. 
"Many advertised  'stem cell' treatments use hematopoietic or blood stem cells which are run under a different set of regulations from pluripotent stem cells since they are umbrella-ed under regulations designed to cover blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants.  Pluripotent stem cells are very new, with many unknowns and the potential for triggering tumor growth.   In contrast, clinical use of blood stem cells has been ongoing for over 50 years with special regulations (or lack thereof) grandfathered in.   Unfortunately, the newly touted 'treatments' are not for homologous use of blood stem cells, are unlikely to be therapeutic and may even be dangerous. 
"The FDA has published new draft guidances addressing these issues that will be discussed in open forum this September.  I think it best to bring concerns about FDA regulations to these meetings and to initiate change by talking directly with the agency rather than criticizing them in the press or through Congress.  Like their oversight over the IRS and other federal agencies, Congress’s actions are counterproductive when they add broad, unfunded mandates while cutting funding at the same time.  But perhaps this is their way of shrinking the government and simultaneously dinging them for not doing their work.  A sure route to failure."

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