Monday, May 23, 2005

"Can't Get The Money Out"

Reporter Megan Garvey of the Los Angeles Times has pulled together an overview of the California stem cell agency amidst the latest news from South Korea. "Stuck in Neutral" is headline.

She wrote, "With no relaxation of restrictions on the federal horizon, hurdles facing the state's funding efforts have taken on a new sense of urgency, said Bob Klein, chairman of the stem cell agency's board and author of Prop. 71, the ballot measure that created the agency.

"'It makes it terribly frustrating,' said Klein, a real estate lawyer whose son, Jordan, now a teenager, was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes several years ago. 'It means all the tools we expected to be out there are on the table today. They're not possibilities. They're real, and we can't get money out.'" Sphere: Related Content

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