2020 Stem Cell Initiative Campaign Documents/Other Resources

This page is aimed at providing a one-stop home for key documents and links dealing with this year's campaign for and against the $5.5 billion stem cell ballot initiative in California. 

The information here is a work in progress and will grow. Suggestions are welcome about what to include as the campaign season progresses. Please send them to djensen@californiastemcellreport.com. 

A separate page will be provided dealing with key news coverage of the campaign and the agency. 

Text of the initiative

Analysis of initiative by the state's Legislative Analyst. 
This analysis will be delivered by mail by the state to all of the state's 20 million voters prior to the election. 

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) website
CIRM has a vast array of material that it has made available to the public. It includes patient testimonials, data on each award, a clinical trial dashboard, charts showing funding for afflictions ranging from heart disease to diabetes plus economic impact reports that it has commissioned. 

The IOM's $700,000 study of the stem cell agency

Californians for Stem Cell Research, Treatment and Cures website
This is the campaign's home on the Internet. It contains a wide range of material and solicits help, donations and endorsements. 

CSCR summary of the first version of the initiative
Robert Klein submitted one version of the initiative in October. Here is our summary of its provisions, many of some of which are not noted in the legislative analyst's report.  An updated summary of the final version is in the works. 

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