Monday, May 24, 2021

Read All About It: Bubble Babies Hit by Suspension of Trial for Genetic Cure; California Taxpayers Paying for Trial

 "Indispensable" is what the Los Angeles Times this morning called this blog, the California Stem Cell Report. 

The comment came in a story that was triggered by our coverage of the Orchard-CIRM-UCLA bubble baby clinical trial, which was shoved aside by Orchard Therapeutics for financial reasons. That leaves a bunch of children out in the cold as far as the genetic treatment is concerned. 

UCLA says the treatment has saved the lives of more than 50 persons. 

Below is a list of the Orchard stories that we have carried on our new platform since we unearthed the issue on May 11. You can subscribe free to articles on our new home by clicking on the subscribe button in stories on the new platform. Subscribe today.

Here is the list.

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