Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Clubhouse For Cash

San Francisco blogger and political columnist Chris Nolan had little to say about the stem cell HQ affair. She explains that it was pretty much a done deal for San Francisco.

Now she
says that not only will the HQ be in the Bay Area but nearly all the $3 billion as well.

CIRM is going to usher in – with $3 billion to spend, it can hardly help itself – a new round of spending and investment up and down the state. But most of the money will stay up here,” the stand-alone journalist writes.

“The (silicon) valley's movers and shakers, its venture capitalists, don't like to travel. A plane ride to San Diego is barely acceptable. A drive up to the city is better. And two, they will keep much of their money here in the Bay area. Why? Many of these venture capitalist – particularly
Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers which produced many of the greatest hits of the Internet, are tight with the research institutes that ring the Bay Area: University of California San Francisco and Berkeley and Stanford have been pumping out engineers for years. Biologists, too. And the biologists of the future are going to be computer geeks, if they're not already. No one has any reason to leave town; they've got the money, the resources and, now, the clubhouse.” Sphere: Related Content

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