Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stem Cell Snippets: Solace and Legislation

A 'TOUCHING" PICTURE: Check out this editorial cartoon in The Sacramento Bee by Rex Babin. It is likely there have been others but this is the first we have seen this year. It portrays Robert Klein and the agency in a reaching out position.

ENDORSING THE "ESSENCE:" We missed this editorial in the Los Angeles Times earlier, but with the paper's 900,000 circulation, we should call attention to it. It says, "Klein and his colleagues should incorporate the essence of Ortiz's public disclosure rules into their bylaws, whether or not the legislation reaches the governor's desk. He should also embrace the detailed set of stem cell research guidelines that the National Academy of Sciences just fast-tracked into print, six months ahead of schedule, in hope of influencing Klein's agency."

MAKING LEMONADE: Some of the also rans in the HQ race are finding solace. Reporter Clint Swett of The Sacramento Bee writes about how The Big Tomato is making lemonade out of its HQ lemons. Sphere: Related Content

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