Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Bridge Loan Plan: A Few More Details

Facing the possibility that it will run out of funds by this fall, the California stem cell agency on Monday will push forward with its "bridge financing" proposal.

Up for consideration at the Oversight Committee meeting in Sacramento is the bridge loan plan along with unspecified other financial possibilities.

CIRM has developed the plan because its normal ability to issue hundreds of millions of dollars in bonds is severely restricted pending the outcome of a lawsuit that challenges the existence of the new agency.

A report prepared by the agency's staff said that two law firms have indicated that the legal challenge is "meritless." The report also contains more details on the legal counter to the lawsuit including legal citations.

The agency proposes to borrow millions from philanthropic groups with the funds either going to the state or "to universities and non-profit research institutions that the Institute has selected to receive research grants." Donors would not be eligible to be grant recipients. The loans would not be paid back if Prop. 71 is overturned.

"We are meeting with the staffs of the Treasurer, the Controller, the Attorney General and the State Director of Finance to ensure that all of the constitutional officers responsible for the state’s finances and its legal obligations concur with this proposal. As those meetings proceed, we are working with the staff for the Treasurer and the Attorney General to draw up appropriate loan documents," the CIRM staff report said.

State Treasurer Phil Angelides on May 10 indicated he would hold a hearing into the matter within a month or so. However, no date has been set for that hearing. Sphere: Related Content

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