Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Intermittent Reports: Wandering the Sea of Cortez

As all sailors must from time to time, we have hoisted anchor. This time to venture out into the Sea of Cortez for a number of weeks. Our new anchorages will be in remote desert locations where few people live and even land-based electricity is not to be had. That means reports will be be more intermittent on the California Stem Cell Report.

For those of you interested in such matters, we have been following the affairs of the California stem cell agency and posting reports via WiFi access here in romantic Old Mexico. Our WiFi link was from the cockpit of our sailboat, which was in a marina, to a a commercially provided antenna about ½ mile away. Cost of the service: About $18 US a month. Prior to that we used free WiFi service available in cantinas and restaurants in our location near Guaymas.

We are departing Guaymas to sail to the Baja California peninsula. We expect to use cellular data service (GPRS) to browse the Web and file reports. If that does not serve well, we will use an Internet cafe, which is much more cumbersome and slow, primarily because one must download the information, cart it off to the HQ of the California Stem Cell Report (a 39-foot Freedom cat-rigged ketch), digest the brew, write, retrace our steps to the Internet cafe and post the nuggets.

Meanwhile, if you see of items of interest, please alert me at or just by filing a comment by clicking on the word "comment," which follows this item. Thank you. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Sounds like quite an adventure! Just wanted to say I appreciate all the information that you've provided. I see the logistical difficulty of keeping up the pace so I'll just say thanks, be safe, have fun and I'll look forward to any posts you can make.

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