Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Job Openings at CIRM

Need work? The California stem cell agency is looking for a few good persons. The latest openings are posted on CIRM web site. They range from the president's job, which should be filled shortly, to the executive assistant to the "chair," which probably is really the chairman instead of piece of furniture.

Oddly, the notices do not indicate a pay range, although previous openings have been filled at salaries that some critics said were too high.
The executive assistant positions require typing, formating and proofreading documents. For those tasks it seems a four-year college degree and "four years of executive assistant experience supporting high level leaders or an equivalent combination of education and experience" are necessary. Admittedly the position has other, more significant responsibilities, but it seems a tad inefficient to have such a highly qualified person doing clerical work. Here are links to the job descriptions.
President, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (pdf)
Scientific Program Officers and Scientific Review Officers (pdf)
Senior Officer for Medical & Ethical Standards (pdf)
Executive Assistant (pdf)
Executive Assistant to the Chair (pdf)

(Forgive my comments re the "chair" but expression remains an abomination. Next we will see a sentence that goes something like: "The chair impacted the agency's infrastructure." Yuck.) Sphere: Related Content

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