Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Alliance for Stem Cell Research Beefs Up Web Site

The Alliance for Stem Cell Research has launched a new and much improved Web site as part of its efforts to promote stem cell research in California and nationally.

Susan DeLaurentis, president of the group, told us in an email:
"We have worked hard to present the technical information in a way that can be widely understood, to address both urgent and ongoing issues related to stem cell research, and to give visitors the opportunity to better understand how stem cell research could affect their lives, and the lives of those around them."
She said that the group has promoted the site using names from its database plus personal contacts. They have also asked related groups to direct their readers to the site.

Like the Center for Genetics and Society, the alliance site carries links to news stories. It also has a rundown of stem cell activity state by state.

The Alliance is the non-profit descendant of the key campaign group behind Prop. 71 and once shared Northern California offices with California stem cell chairman Robert Klein. It is now located in Los Angeles. Sphere: Related Content

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