Friday, April 07, 2006

Angelides Makes Minor Stem Cell Hay

The latest score on stem cell issues in the Democratic gubernatorial race shows a modest edge for Phil Angelides over his opponent, Steve Westly.

Not that it is a matter of much significance, since both are supporters of the California stem cell agency and embryonic stem cell research. But Westly, California state controller, has launched an Internet advertising campaign on the issue, which means that he figures that there is some gain to be made through exploitation of stem cells.

Angelides, the California state treasurer, however, chalked up plus points as the result of the meeting earlier this week that authorized $14 million in bond anticipation notes for the agency. Angelides was mentioned prominently in most news stories – Westly not at all, although both are members of the committee that approved the notes. In fact, we cannot tell whether Westly attended the meeting, based on the news stories that we have seen.

Of course, Angelides is chairman of the committee, which held its meeting in his offices, making him the natural focus of coverage. Here is a link to Angelides' press release on the subject.

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