Monday, April 17, 2006

Biotech Industry Exec Latest Appointee to CIRM Oversight Committee

The newest addition to the 29-member Oversight Committee of the California stem cell agency is Duane Roth, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp. of San Diego.

Roth fills a slot vacated by the resignation of the Gayle Wilson, the wife of former California Gov. Pete Wilson.

By law the the position is allotted to a representative a commercial life science entity. Roth easily fills that designation. Alliance describes itself as a "a research and development company focused on transforming innovative scientific discoveries into novel therapeutic and diagnostic agents." He has also served on the boards of directors of theBiotechnology Industry Organization, the California Healthcare Institute and BIOCOM.

California stem cell Chairman Robert Klein said in a press release:"Duane’s leadership as an entrepreneur as well as an economic development proponent in the biotech industry will be a real asset for our effort.  We look forward to his active participation and innovative insight."

Roth said,"In my many years of experience in the biotech field, I have seldom seen such an exciting and promising area of science as stem cell research, and I look forward to the challenges and the successes we encounter as we push this field forward together, here in the great state of California."

The appointment was made by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

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