Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sailing and Blogging

For those of you interested in the mechanics of such things, this blog is now being filed via Internet cafes in Mexico. We can plug in our laptop to an ethernet DSL connection and peck away happily. But it is a 40-mile roundtrip to the Internet cafes, so we log on only a couple of times a week. The blockage issue that we reported earlier seems to have vanished. We are experimenting with a link to a wireless hub that is tied to a satellite. It is located at a closer, tiny beach community that consists largely of gringo-owned palapas. The community, however, does not have electricity; their power comes only from generators, solar panels and batteries, so the link is not always up. Palapas are open-air, palm covered structures often tied to a trailer or a small, concrete block structure.

Since we live on a sailboat, we move about from time to time. That means we will have to forage anew for an Internet link when we hoist anchor and sail off to a another port. Sphere: Related Content

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