Friday, June 23, 2006

CIRM Strategic Planning: The Questions Being Asked

Here are the questions that are being asked by CIRM as it interviews scores of persons around the country during its planning process. We are posting it verbatim because it does not seem to be available on the CIRM Web site.

The text follows:

Thank you again for your willingness to participate in our interview process for the CIRM scientific strategic planning initiative. We are asking all interviewees to answer questions 1 through 3, as well as 13, but would greatly appreciate your input on the remaining questions on which you would like to comment.

This template is intended for your use only; there is no need to return it to us.

1.In ten years, what will success for the Institute look like?

2.What specific objectives should the Institute pursue in order to realize that vision of success? What are concrete measures of progress along the way to those objectives?

3.What are the most pressing needs that the Institute must address immediately to achieve its goals?

4.Is there "low hanging fruit", that is, opportunities for quick, visible, low-risk successes?

5.What is the best way to foster stem cell research that achieves treatments and diagnostics? Should we target specific diseases for funding or sponsor more broadly based initiatives within which a variety of diseases can be accommodated? If we decide to fund specific diseases, how do we decide how and when to fund to fund that research?

6.Are there specific funding structures (particularly novel ones) that will best help us achieve our objectives?

7.How do we balance funding for targeted research versus funding for discovery?

8.How far along the basic / translational / clinical research continuum should the CIRM aspire to move?

9.When and how should we involve the private sector?

10.How will we know when and how to advance findings into the clinic?

11.How can we encourage collaboration particularly between basic and clinical scientists to advance the science into the clinic?

12.CIRM is allowed to spend up to 10% of its allocated funding for facilities. How important do you consider this as a focus for spending? How can this money best be used?

13.Is there anything else you would like to add or any questions you would like us to address going forward? Sphere: Related Content

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