Wednesday, June 07, 2006

CIRM's Strategic Plan Interviewees

Who is California stem cell agency talking to about its plans for its billion-dollar giveaway?

As of late last month, 14 persons from outside the agency had been interviewed as part of the strategic planning process. They included Bill Neaves, president and CEO of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, George Scangos, president and CEO of Exelixis, Inc., a South San Francisco drug company, Mahendra Rao, vice president of Invitrogen Corp. of Carlsbad, Ca., and formerly of the NIH, and Bruce Stillman, president of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a nonprofit research institution in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.

Some of the comments garnered during the 14 interviews have been summarized in a CIRM planning document (see page 11 "opinions from interviewees").

For the full list of interviewees, see this document. Sphere: Related Content

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