Friday, June 23, 2006

Correction on CIRM Firing Policy

David Serrano-Sewell, CIRM Oversight Committee member, corrected us on the "Two-Boss Brew" item June 20.

Here is what Serrano-Sewell said,
"The ICOC approved (13-5 vote) the 'internal goverance policy.' As you note, the amended policy granted to the Chair the authority to concur with the hiring of certain CIRM staff, Senior Officers. The proposed policy was amended to limit the Chair's concurrence authority to two Senior Officers in legal and communications. Please note, the adopted policy does not grant to the Chair the authority to fire or concur in the firing of those Senior Officers.

"Arguably, the policy is confusing. The President could hire a Senior Officer with the Chair's concurrence and then fire that same Senior Officer without the (Chair's) concurrence."
We thank Serrano-Sewell for the heads up. We appreciate all such messages and try to correct mistakes promptly. Sphere: Related Content

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