Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DHS Stem Cell Advisory Committee to Sunset

Earlier we reported that a measure by Sen. Deborah Ortiz aimed at protecting women egg donors would also extend the life of the Department of Health Services advisory committee on health care regulation.

However, that bill, SB1260, has been amended to remove that extension. Ortiz' office reported:
"As it was originally drafted, SB 1260 did extend the life of the DHS advisory committee currently working on guidelines for stem cell. But the bill was amended April 26, 2006 to allow for the advisory committee to sunset January 1, 2007, as is provided in current law. We retained the provisions (by deleting the sunsets) that require the DHS to produce guidelines, exercise continuing oversight, and report to the Legislature, but decided to let the advisory committee phase out after this year because the expectation was that the committee would complete its work by the end of the calendar year anyway and the costs of continuing it would be too high to sustain."
The bill is now before the Assembly Health Committee after breezing through the state Senate. Sphere: Related Content

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