Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Google Ranks California Stem Cell Report No. 4

We discovered something modestly interesting about "California stem cell" information the other day.

Out of 21.3 million hits produced by Google on that search term, the California Stem Cell Report is ranked No. 4. Yes, that is the blog you are now reading.

No. 1 was a Washington Post article from Nov. 14, 2004, on the election results on Prop. 71. No. 2 was another Washington Post article – this one from Oct. 24, 2004, on Prop. 71. No. 3 is the Alliance for Stem Cell Research, an offshoot of the Prop. 71 campaign group in California. CIRM's Web site is ranked No. 10.

What does all this mean? We don't know, but, as we said, we found it modestly interesting. Sphere: Related Content

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