Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Fresh Stuff on CIRM Planning

Knowing the right questions to ask is a good start in most endeavors.

CIRM President Zach Hall has posted a number to be discussed during the formulation of a plan to give away $3 billion for stem cell research.

They range from the question of supporting young investigators to investigator-initiated curiosity-driven grants to the need to build more labs and facilities for embryonic stem cell research. The document outlining the questions is on the CIRM web site and can be found under the button called "Strategic Planning Info" on the home page.

Material is added to the strategic planning Web site with reasonable regularity, but the folks maintaining it say they cannot notify interested parties when it is updated. So you will just have to wander onto that particular Web page from time to time to check for new stuff. That said, it is a relatively simply process to add an update notification mechanism such as an RSS feed or something similar. Doing so would genuinely improve CIRM's outreach efforts. Passive postings on the Web draw little attention. Sphere: Related Content

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