Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Klein Helps Aussies in Stem Cell Fray

California stem cell Chairman Robert Klein recently sang a stem cell tune that was "music" to some Australian ears. So says reporter Leigh Dayton in a story in The Australian.

Australia is caught up in a bit of controversy over stem cell research, and Klein visited there to support the forces of embryonic stem cell research.

Dayton wrote:
"'Mr Klein generously offered to visit Australia to help us in the current legislative climate," (Stephen) Livesey (CEO of the Australian Stem Cell Center) says. 'He provided the Australian stem cell science community with advice on how to engage the public, patients and politicians on the complex topic of stem cell research.'"
Klein's stem cell drum beating had a familiar sound to those who have heard him speak in California, but wa swelcomed down under.

Dayton reported:
"Clearly, Klein's words are music to the ears of Australian scientists and patient advocacy groups pushing to change the nation's embryo research and anti-cloning legislation."
The Australian account said Klein was "a guest" of the Australian Stem Cell Center last week, but did not specifically make clear who funded his trip. CIRM says it did not pay for his trip. Sphere: Related Content

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