Monday, October 16, 2006

Setting Sail Again – Sort Of

The California Stem Cell Report is leaving the Old Country Tuesday and returning to its home port in Romantic Old Mexico. We have concluded an excellent visit to California, playing with grandchildren and family and now are flying back to ready Hopalong, our sailboat and only home, for a winter's cruising along the west coast of Mexico. Hopalong has been resting at a berth near Guaymas, but we will haul her onto dry land to pull one of her masts to make repairs. The work schedule means that we may not be filing items as often as we have over the past weeks.

Meantime, keep reading the report, send along your comments and tips and whatever else you think may be of interest. We can be reached at or you can post a comment by clicking on the word "comments" that appears after each item. Sphere: Related Content

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  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Fair winds, mate. Fair winds.