Friday, October 20, 2006

Stem Cell Snippets: Rentals to DNA

Here are links to some interesting items related to stem cell issues.

Sharing – One of the goals of the upcoming rounds of lab grants by the California stem cell agency is to increase the sharing of CIRM-funded facilities with other nearby scientists not so fortunate as to have access to the costly gear needed for research. The topic has not received much media attention but its importance was highlighted in an article by Bernadette Tansey of the San Francisco Chronicle. "Microscope for hire" was the headline. In this case, the article discusses UC San Francisco's plans to rent out their tools, six new microscope worth $2 million.

Diver Don – Ubiquitous stem cell advocate Don Reed popped up in the lead of a story by Jason Gertzen in the Kansas City Star looking at the Missouri stem cell measure, which is on the November ballot. The piece used Reed, a former professional scuba diver, as an example of the folks who hope for cures. Reed, meanwhile, is exhorting -- via his website, – the millions of folks with disabilities throughout the country to vote for their best interests in the November election.

Tell-All –-J. Craig Venter is baring all, according to reporter Antonio Regalado of the Wall Street Journal. Venter is just about ready to release his DNA to the world. Venter, you may recall, was the gent best known for his efforts to be the first to decipher the full sequence of the human genome. An interesting piece about a controversial scientist. Here is a link to a free version of the story. Sphere: Related Content

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