Saturday, October 28, 2006

Welcome to The Biopolitical Times

The Center for Genetics and Society has entered the blogosphere with a site called The Biopolitical Times. Initial topics are heavily tilted to the current relationship between vote-crazed politicians and their attempts to exploit embryonic stem cell research.

An excerpt from an item by Marcy Darnovsky:
"We’ve moved on from Fox and counter-Fox, wherein Rush Limbaugh demonstrates that “big idiot” is far too kind. Now we have top-level Democrats demonstrating their skill in cheap emotional blackmail. The take-home sentiment of a new ad by Majority Action, a Democratic 527, is that the Stem Cell Saviors will cure us all. And anyone who doubts that may as well have the blood of that sweet little six-year-old on their hands. This ad should be as embarrassing to those of us who support embryonic stem cell research as Limbaugh’s antics should be to its opponents."
The center, which has actively tracked the California stem cell agency, is inviting comments, private or public, on the site. Sphere: Related Content

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