Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CIRM Challenges Report on Chiu

The California stem cell agency has responded to our item on Monday dealing with the implications of the departure of its No. 1 scientist, Arlene Chiu. Dale Carlson, chief communications officer for the institute, cited the following sentence from the post:

"While it would be incorrect to say that all CIRM staff departures this
year are related to the presidential situation..."

Carlson then said,

"In fact, it wouldn't be correct to say that ANY of the staff departures were related to the presidential situation, nor to each other. Each of these folks left or is leaving for individual reasons. The timing is coincidental and nothing more should be read into them.

"Contrary to Mr. Simpson's speculation, Dr. Chiu's desire to return to Southern California and pursue other interests is exactly as stated. She would not be staying longer if the presidential vacancy did not exist." Sphere: Related Content

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