Friday, August 10, 2007

Kessler Looking for More Than CIRM, UCSF?

Is one of the directors of the California stem cell agency looking for new challenges?

The In Vivo blog has an interesting piece on David Kessler, a former FDA commissioner and dean of the UC San Francisco medical school.

The item was written by Ramsey Baghdadi, the managing editor of "The RPM Report," a publication devoted to prescription drug regulation, policy and market access.

Baghdadi reviews Kessler's background, declaring that he "is arguably the most controversial commissioner in recent times for the way he took on drug companies, Big Tobacco and even orange juice producers." Baghdadi said Kessler has surfaced recently in the news and that means that "he's angling for something."

Baghdadi's bet is on a position with a large academic research institution where Kessler could finish off his crusade against tobacco as opposed to director of NIH or secretary of Health and Human Services. Sphere: Related Content

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  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    For a Big Tobacco crusade, where better than UCSF, home of Dr. Stanton Glantz, the original crusader? With Dynes on the way out, perhaps Kessler has some interest in stepping up to UCSF Chancellor, should the position become vacant? Competition is starting to heat up over here.