Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Learning How to Tell the Stem Cell Story

The private lobbying group of the chairman of the California stem cell agency is holding a two-day session this Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco and promises to help advocates learn more about how to make their voices heard.

The group is the Americans for Cures Foundation, whose president is Robert Klein, who also serves as chair of the $3 billion state of California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. It is unusual for the head of a state agency to also have his own advocacy group in the same field, as we have noted previously.

Klein and Alan Trounson, president of CIRM, are both scheduled to speak along with a number of scientists as well as advocacy experts.

The session is reasonably priced -- $100 for both days, If that is too much, it's a good bet that a call to the group could lead to assistance.

The agenda is heavily loaded towards hands-on advocacy and selling the message. We suspect it would be a good value for those who want to learn more about telling the stem cell story.

We should also note that Klein's group has a redesigned and much improved web site, which is worth checking out. Sphere: Related Content

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