Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Money Up Front for CIRM Lab Dough?

Looking for more on the Calfornia stem cell agency's lab grant program -- "the largest stem cell infrastructure component in the world?"

Take a look at an item by John M. Simpson of the Consumer Watchdog group, once known as the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.

He quotes Alan Trounson, CIRM president, on the size of the effort, which is now set at about $758 million, including matching funds.

Simpson also provides a list of the scores for each of the 12 applicants, with Stanford (my father and brother's alma mater) at 95 and UCLA (my alma mater) at 73.

Simpson reports that the agency is considering paying an entire grant up front if the recipient agrees to reduce the amount requested. That would be one way to deal with the $48 million shortfall in CIRM funding compared to the amounts requested. (See the "Millions Cut item.) However, it is also one way for grant recipients to play a little loose with the money. Sphere: Related Content

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