Saturday, September 06, 2008

CIRM Announces $60 Million Translational Grant Round

The California stem cell agency this week posted its request for applications for a $60 million grant round dubbed the Early Translational Research Awards.

is proposing to split $60 million among 10 recipients, who are required to make a three-year effort.

CIRM said the awards, which are open to both business and nonprofits, "are designed to move promising basic research in stem cell science toward the clinic."

It said,
"These awards will support two categories of projects including research that:  1) results in a development candidate that meets an unmet medical need; or 2) addresses a significant bottleneck in the translation of stem cell biology that hinders advancement of effective, novel cell therapies to the clinic."
Letters of intent are required by Oct. 15, applications Nov. 20. Funding may come in the summer of 2009. Sphere: Related Content

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