Sunday, September 28, 2008

CIRM Grantees Get More Than Cash

Earlier this month, CIRM grantees assembled for a two-day session to talk about their work and hear some of the leading folks in the field air their own views about stem cell research.

Those of you who did not get to attend can share a bit of the experience via a 146-page report coming out of the conference. Of particular interest are one page summaries of 129 research projects involving CIRM grantees.

There was also this from Alan Trounson, president of CIRM,
"The experiment of Proposition 71 is a critical model for funding innovation that is being closely examined worldwide as a new investment by the community in improving human social values and health....

"Investment in quality of life through the support of stem cells and regenerative medicine needs to be demonstrated to have been a wise choice. Our grantees are the vanguard of this investment in science, and we need to be able to clearly demonstrate the benefits this investment will make in the general community. In the end this will have to be shown as treatments in the clinic in the form of new drugs, cell therapies, gene therapies, tissue engineering etc., for some of the most debilitating diseases and injuries presently costing the society and individuals dearly."

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