Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday Deadline for Canadians on CIRM's Big Disease Team Round

Canadian researchers have an urgent deadline to register for the competition for a piece of possibly as much as $210 million in team-funding in an international effort involving the California stem cell agency.

The collaboration is a Canadian-CIRM project (see item below) and is aimed at funding disease teams that will bring "an investigational new drug filing at the end of the four‐to‐five year grant."

Canadian registration is required by Monday Nov. 17.

The Canadians want the names of the PIs in both Canada and California and the following information:
"the scientifically mature opportunity, with strong preclinical proof-of-concept, to use cancer stem cells in the development of a therapy or diagnostic

"key milestones and deliverables required to achieve the objectives envisaged

"the nature of the partnership between the Canadian and Californian participants

"any anticipated commercial partnerships"
Here is a link to the registration document. Sphere: Related Content

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