Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Audience Numbers for First CIRM Audio-cast

Here is the count from the California stem cell agency on the audience last week for its first-ever audio Webcast of its board meeting.

CIRM spokesman Don Gibbons reported that on Thursday there were 21 users on the phone line and 27 online. On Friday, 23 listened in via the phone line and 85 online. He said there was "no way to know" if those were separate users or "folks coming in and out."

While the numbers appear to be small, they are significantly larger than the typical on-site public audience at board meetings. We have attended a number of board meetings where there are less than 15 persons from the public in the audience, substantially less than the combined total for the 29-member board and CIRM staff in attendance.

Last week's meeting was handicapped by short advance notice of the audiocast. Plus the both board sessions were lengthy, particularly the Thursday afternoon session which stretched past 9 p.m.

Look for higher numbers in March and April as more people become familiar with the service.

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