Thursday, February 19, 2009

The 'House of Cards' and a $400 Million Fund-Raising Drive

Borrowing $400 million for stem cell research is no small task, but one that CIRM has chosen for itself.

John M. Simpson
, stem cell project director of Consumer Watchdog of Santa Monica, Ca., today raised questions about the nature of the effort, given the nation's shaky economy and the "house of cards" that is the budget deal approved today in Sacramento.

Here is what Simpson said in an email:
"It strikes me that despite the budget deal, it still may be a long time before the state can get into the bond market.

"Key parts of the deal have to go before the voters in a special election in May. I don't see how you can sell bonds until the outcome of the election is known.

"And, it seems to me, the chances are excellent that the voters just might turn the proposal down throwing everything back to square one.

"I don't know what it does to private placement, but it seems to me that the just-passed budget may be a house of cards that collapses.

"I like to see myself is an optimist -- maybe I'm influenced by how much my own assets have tanked -- but I think it will be an uphill struggle to place $200 million before September when CIRM's cash runs out."
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