Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Alan and Arnold Show

CIRM President Alan Trounson sat in for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Saturday. The occasion was the governor's weekly radio show.

The topic was "células madres embrionarias" or human embryonic stem cells. Not that the man from down under spoke in Spanish. The governor's office translated the 2-minute, 49-second talk into a 3-minute, 29-second version that can be found on his web site.. The change in length does not mean the content changed. A rule of thumb in print is that Spanish takes roughly 10 percent more space than an English version of an article.

Both a print and audio version of the talk can be found on the governor's web site. Trounson did not attempt the Spanish version. His English already carries an Australian accent. Rather the talk began with a few words from Trounson in English followed by a Spanish audio version voiced by an unnamed translator.

In his talk, Trounson used President Obama's announcement last Monday to expound on the benefits of stem cell reasearch. He said,

"Nunca más reprimiremos a nuestros científicos y empresarios."

In other words,

"We will no longer hold back our scientists and entrepreneurs."
Or, in our Spanish to English translation,

"Never more will we stifle our scientists and entrepreneurs."

But no matter. Bien dicho, profe Trounson.

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