Friday, March 13, 2009

CIRM Director Sheehy Decries Unfortunate Lack of Information

CIRM Director Jeff Sheehy, a patient advocate representative on the stem cell agency's board and a communications officer at UC San Francisco, sent along this note regarding our posting of the funding priorities presentation used at Thursday's board meeting.
"Thank you for posting this doc. I'm glad you have it up so the public can see it. I still don't have a copy, though I requested one at the meeting. And, I cannot understand why this doc was not provided to ICOC members and the public prior to the meeting since the Chair had a copy of the Power Point slides that he alone used to follow the presentation.

"In this troubling budget environment, it is extremely unfortunate that information is either withheld from the Board or provided in such a way that the Board is in a position of having to make decisions without all of the information or without adequate time to digest and consider the information presented."

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