Monday, March 09, 2009

More Than You Want to Know about CIRM's Cash Crisis

An overview by yours truly of the financial situation at the California stem cell agency was published today by the FierceBioResearcher newsletter. You can find the piece here.

FierceBioResearcher reports that it has more than 65,000 industry email subscribers and 410,000 monthly page views.

Here are additional links on the subject of CIRM finances, which will come up at Thursday's meeting of the CIRM board.

An overview on the California Stem Cell Report of the situation including Power Point presentations by a top CIRM official.

CIRM´s only statement on its web site concerning its financial status.

An assessment of the January briefing by John M. Simpson, stem cell project director of Consumer Watchdog, a Santa Monica, Ca., nonprofit, and a longtime CIRM observer.

The CIRM transcript from the briefing. Sphere: Related Content

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