Monday, May 04, 2009

CIRM Takes on Federal Chores

The California stem cell agency will be dealing with federal stem cell and biotech matters over the next couple of weeks, including the proposed NIH rules on hESC research.

The agency has created a task force that will meet publicly this Thursday to hear comments on the rules. The panel is preparing a report that will be submitted to the full CIRM board on May 12 with the intent of getting the comments to the NIH later this month.

You can find CIRM's preliminary work on the subject here and our report here. Comments for CIRM can also be submitted via email at

Also on tap for the May 12 board meeting is consideration of a statement of principles dealing with federal legislation on production of biosimiliars, which would be copies of biotech drugs following expiration of their patents.

Teleconference locations are available for the May 12 meeting in San Francisco, Los Angeles(2), Sacramento, La Jolla(2), Pleasanton, Berkeley, Elk Grove, Healdsburg, and Irvine(2). Specific addresses can be found on the agenda.

Five teleconference locations exist for Thursday's meeting: San Francisco Elk Grove, Los Angeles, Healdsburg and Duarte. You find the addresses on the agenda.

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