Thursday, June 25, 2009

Csete Resignation: Researcher Calls it Tragic

Here is a comment on Marie Csete's resignation from a well-respected researcher who must remain anonymous. Comments from other readers are welcome. They can be posted anonymously, if desired, via the “comment” function at the end of this item. Or they can be sent to me for posting at
“CIRM's inability to retain Dr. Csete is tragic. Her scientific stature worldwide and her knowledge and relationships with the FDA made her the most valuable member of CIRM's scientific team. She was the one who scientific and medical leaders respected and trusted. With Dr. Csete's departure, CIRM immediately loses much of its credibility as an organization that puts good science, not politics, first. CIRM needs to pull itself together, decide that high ethical standards and strong scientific leadership are its highest priories, and clean house quickly.  

“They need to bring in a strong COO and respected scientific leadership. Otherwise, Bob Klein's legacy, his remarkable vision, will be crushed under the weight of foolish egotism and political favoritism. Taking a page from American politics, CIRM needs an Obama, not a Bush, as its scientific leader. Dr. Csete provided the no-drama Obama leadership that CIRM so desperately needs. She should have been promoted, not allowed to resign.”

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