Monday, July 06, 2009

The Bee on Hoover Report: Time for Candor

The Sacramento Bee on Sunday carried an editorial headlined "time for a change at stem cell institute."

The editorial, published also in other McClatchy newspapers including those in Fresno and Merced, was keyed to the report by the Little Hoover Commission. The Bee wrote,
"For far too long, this institute(CIRM) and its leadership have been secretive, defensive and unwilling to acknowledge a flawed management structure, the legacy of a flawed ballot initiative.

"Maturity involves being able to consider outside criticism and engage in self-evaluation. Sadly, the leaders of the stem cell institute have developed a bunker mentality that continues to hurt the agency's mission.

"The institute's reaction to a recent report by the Little Hoover Commission is the latest demonstration."
The Bee continued,
“If adopted by CIRM and the Legislature, (the Hoover) recommendations and others could go a long way toward helping the stem cell institute operate more effectively, with greater accountability of taxpayer dollars. Yet instead of taking a few days to absorb the report and discuss it with his board, (CIRM Chairman Robert) Klein immediately dismissed it in a press release.

"The agency's spokesman dismissed the Little Hoover's process as 'ludicrous,' and Klein threatened a court challenge if the Legislature attempted to act on the recommendations.

“Fortunately, Klein is just one of 29 members of the institute's oversight board. Many others are distinguished academics and patient advocates who have greater candor, and less pride of parenthood, in acknowledging CIRM's flaws.

"Now is the time for their voices to be heard, in public meetings, as the institute approaches its five-year mark."
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