Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Research VP Slot Posted at California Stem Cell Agency

The California stem cell agency has posted its opening for the newly created position of vice president, research and development, with a salary range that tops out at $332,000 annually.

The person who fills the slot is likely to be the key staff person as CIRM moves more closely to the biotech industry as the agency speeds its drive to produce something that can be used to treat patients.

Here is part of the job description:
“Oversee the preclinical and clinical development phases of CIRM's programs and projects involving not-for-profit and for-profit teams, including assembling and working closely with CIRM advisory committees to provide oversight of these programs and make go/no go recommendations to the President for continuation of CIRM support.

“Works closely with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and investment sectors to enable and enhance the development of clinical applications in CIRM's scientific portfolio.

“Oversees the CIRM research and development program in close collaboration with the Executive Director of Scientific Activities”
Earlier, CIRM President Alan Trounson indicated he was looking for someone with considerable commercial experience, especially related to clinical trials.

Interested parties might also examine the transcript of the CIRM directors meeting Aug. 6, during which Trounson discussed the position.

No deadline was set for applications. The posting said the position will remain open until it is filled. Sphere: Related Content

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