Thursday, February 04, 2010

CIRM Financially Secure Into Summer 2011

SAN FRANCISCO – Directors of the California stem cell agency today heard some good financial news – $55 million worth – that will keep them out woods through the summer of 2011.

John Robson, CIRM's vice president for operations, reported that the agency has enough cash on hand to pay for its grants and operations into the first quarter of the 2010-11 fiscal year. Previously, he had predicted that money would run out around June of 2011.

Robson explained that much of the additional cash was discovered as a result of closer accounting of the results of a state bond sale in spring 2009. Additional cash became available because of delays in completion of four stem cell labs that are partially funded by CIRM. He also said more accurate financial information is being generated by a new grants management system.

CIRM relies on state bonds for its funding. Presumably it will receive another jolt of cash in the next 18 months as the result of additional bond sales.

Robson additionally reported that the Buck Institute, which has not been able to raise matching funds for its $21 million CIRM lab grant, has decided to begin construction regardless. Robson said that if Buck does not receive $15 million in matching funds from federal stimulus cash or philanthropy, it has decided to take on additional debt for the project. Sphere: Related Content

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