Tuesday, August 24, 2010

California Radio Talk Show on hESC Ruling

Art Torres, co-vice chairman of the California stem cell agency, will be one of the guests on a radio talk show tomorrow at 9 a.m. PDT on station KQED in San Francisco dealing with this week's hESC ruling. You can listen to the program live on the Internet.

The station said,
National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins said Tuesday that the recent court ruling blocking federally funded research on human embryonic stem cells won't affect grant payments that have already been paid out this year. But the institute will freeze its reviews of new grants of this type. Although California's $3 billion stem cell initiative is not affected, we talk about the ruling and its potential impact on Bay Area biotech. Guests include, Dr. David Stevens, chief executive officer of Christian Medical and Dental Associations; Dr. Helen Blau, professor and director of Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology at Stanford University; Tom Abate, staff writer covering economics for San Francisco Chronicle; and Art Torres, former chairman of the California Democratic Party and vice chair for the board at California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.”

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