Thursday, January 27, 2011

Minority Report Filed on Business Application Rejected by Reviewers

Some  CIRM grant reviewers have filed a minority report on a tools-and-technology grant rejected by the agency's grant reviewers.  The application was submitted by a business. The biotech industry has complained about the paucity of CIRM grants to business. The review summary said, 
 "Three elements were cited by the minority group in support of moving the application up to Tier 1: 1) the proposal was submitted by a "for profit" applicant; 2) the project uses bioinformatics approaches; 3) the proposed research expands a global capacity to assess safety of cell therapy products derived from embryonic stem cells that have been expanded in culture. Also, the proposal supports efforts to characterize 10 cell lines that are being derived as part of a previously funded CIRM award."
The identity of the applicant was not disclosed.

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