Friday, January 14, 2011

Nature Medicine on CIRM Chair Election

The botched bid by Robert Klein, chairman of the California stem cell agency, to hand pick his successor was revisited in the January issue of Nature Medicine.

The article is a briefer version of what Elie Dolgin filed last month on the Internet. The headline on the magazine article reads, "Nomination bungle leaves CIRM leadership in limbo."

Dolgin again reported that the Alan Bernstein, executive director of Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, is "not necessarily off the table" as a candidate for chairman.

Bernstein withdrew from consideration following a flap over Klein's attempt to have him chosen as the new chairman of CIRM.

Klein's first term expired last month, but on Dec. 15 the board re-elected him for six months at no pay.

The CIRM directors also opened the door to a broader and more publicly accessible process for setting the criteria for electing a new chair. That process is scheduled to be completed by about Feb. 15, but the directors have made no announcements about how they specifically intend to proceed. We are querying Sherry Lansing, chair of the directors' Governance Subcommittee, concerning the process.

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(Editor's note: An earlier version of this item incorrectly said Bernstein was not off the table for president as opposed to chairman.)

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